Transform-X, Inc., was created to capitalize on unique opportunities in the fiber, wired and wireless communications industries.

Recognizing the obvious gap between underfunded scientists and engineers that have researched and developed disruptive technologies, and; getting those technologies integrated and monetized, the founders of Transform-X formed and funded the Company.

The Transform-X purpose and our vision, is to acquire selected, market-leading, revenue based companies, while simultaneously securing technologies that will advance their competitive edge and margins beyond the capabilities of other market participants. As a 'roll-up' home base into which these retail companies and applicable technologies are acquired, risks are reduced, net margins can be significantly increased through economies of scale in overhead and interdisciplinary sharing, and new product lines are created that out-distance the competition in nearly every respect.

The management of Transform-X continues to seek out people, technologies and companies that will fit both our business and financial models, and our company-is-family mentality. In a sentence, “Recognize future needs, develop unique vision and solutions, and demand execution,” is the Transform-X culture.